In the Pelekanos restaurant, the recipes originate from the Mediterranean, Greek and local, traditional cuisine. With the proper techniques and processes, these recipes result in a gourmet that is exceptionally interesting; not only in taste but also in the way it is served.

We lay great emphasis on our menus, which we enrich very often. All ingredients are stored and preserved under the safest conditions in order to ensure that the products are safe and healthy and to keep their initial quality and taste absolutely unspoiled.

Our exciting food creations are always made by professionals, who have established themselves as recognized chefs. Their culinary artistry is always complemented by the personal and special touch and cooperation of the owner of the restaurant, Mr Loukas Pelekanos. Mr Pelekanos is known for his love and artistry in what he is doing, aiming always at offering his guests the greatest pleasure. He has been active in the field of gastronomy since 1992 in Oia, where he was born and grown up. Year after year, he enriches his knowledge by attending winter seminars on gastronomy and wine and food tasting.