Welcome to Pelekanos Restaurant in Oia, Santorini

There are no exact words that describe the atmosphere and philosophy of our Restaurant…  Created by Loukas Pelekanos  in 1996 with lots of passion for the gastronomy field. Pelekanos Restaurant is now a point of reference in Santorini.

Located right at the cusp of Oia’s main pedestrian road and the picturesque Santorini Caldera Bay (the cliffs), you get 360 degrees panoramic views of the entire island from the terrace, the pitch blue Aegean Sea the Santorini Volcano.

Our food is prepared with the freshest of products and of course, the creative imagination of our chef. He treads skillfully between creativity and tradition, modernity and classicism. He delights the eye with artful presentation and the mouth with exquisite flavors touched by a hint of exoticism.

We offer breakfast and brunch options too, so you get to start your day in the best way possible with a cup of coffee or a Greek iced coffee and the idyllic view of the Caldera Bay Sea.

An experience which definitely, will highlight your days on our Island, Santorini, that will evoke emotions, trigger and create memories.

Member of the LP Group